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How to Get a Free Kindle Book Every Month from Amazon

amazon amazon prime kindle Oct 08, 2019


Did you know that Amazon Prime members get a FREE Kindle ebook every month? Yep, it's a program called "Amazon First Reads".


How Does the Amazon First Reads Program Work?

You can either remember to check each month (set an alarm on your phone?) or, if you sign up for the First Reads newsletter, you get an email on the 1st of every month to remind you. 


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If you're logged in to your Amazon account and you have Prime, the First Reads page will look like this (showing one free Kindle book):


If you don't have Amazon Prime - or you DO but you're not logged in - it will look like this (showing one $1.99 Kindle book):

Once a month, go to the Amazon First Reads page to scroll through all your choices and pick which ebook you want for free. There's usually about 6-8 books to...

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